Welcome to Theater Historiography: Critical Interventions—the Website!

Here, you’ll find a number of resources and scholarly conversations that we hope will be valuable to your research and pedagogy, whether you are a student, emerging, or established scholar. From the beginning, we and the press have envisioned this space as a meeting ground for dynamic conversation about theater history and how we go about practicing it in our classrooms and in our research and writing, as well as about the state of our field today. We’d also like this to be your space for the open exchange of practical ideas and tools.

Borrow generously from the teaching tools in the Faculty Club, and then share some of your own. Tell us about what you’ve been reading in our Ex Libris area. Have an idea for the site? Let us know! And watch the Blog and Mainstage for special commentaries and field reports from scholars and teachers working in the trenches.

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